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3 of the many important roles of PR in a company

The role of public relations is very important in maintaining relationships between organizations with stakeholders and related communities, especially the Franchise PR for the companies that rely on their products for business.

Here we summarize 3 roles of public relations in the organization that need to be known.

1. Public Communication Strategy

As has been previously described that public relations or public relations are the faces of an organization. Public Relations has an important task in conveying information about the organization to relevant stakeholders and to the public. Each public relations department will be equipped with a contact center that allows to receive complaints and is a place where the public or the public can obtain complete information about the organization. The public relations department will always be in touch with the media whether it is television, advertising or print media that allows being able to report on the current condition of an organization.

2. Managing Emergency

When a condition comes up that can sometimes damage and even undermine the image of an organization. Thus, this is where the important role of public relations is needed. Such conditions are certainly not expected but can happen anytime. This can happen because of the issue of negative issues that developed both within the organization to spread in the community. Of course, if left unchecked this would damage the image of the organization in the public eye. Therefore, the role of public relations in the organization one of them is to reduce and overcome the emergency conditions so as not to further develop into the divisions within the organization. And of course, restore the positive image of the organization in the public eye.

3. Reliable Marketing Facilities

PR is also an important part of an organization’s marketing strategy. Especially for organizations engaged in the production of products. Of course, the public relations department can be a driving force in increasing product sales. Besides this also positive image of the organization in the eyes of society will increase. Where there will be many people who may want to be incorporated therein. Because it seems that the organization is in the management has a clear activity. Even these activities can be part of small and medium-sized microenterprises that can help the economy of this nation.

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