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3 Things you need to consider for choosing an architect

Blessed are those who have acquaintances of architects. Or even they themselves work as architects. It’s because do not need a headache when going to build a house. Indeed, architects do not need to be used when we will build a house. However, home is an investment, man! If built-in perfunctory, the investment will also be arbitrary. In addition, the home becomes our shelter and family. We should want to get the best. That’s why the services of architects are actually very necessary when we want to build a house. They can help us from choosing materials, designing houses, to estimating development costs. You definitely do not want it, when you’ve made a budget but it was broken because of miscalculation. Even so, we can not even use the services of architects. Not impossible that the architect acts malpractice, making the budget broken. Here are 3 things you need to know before hiring the services of an architect. In the meantime, you may want to check out the trusted Arquitectos en Tijuana as well.

1. Tariff architect

Typically, architectural rates can be differentiated into:

Consultation hours
Building area
Building type
Percentage of construction cost
To see the benchmark rate, we can contact the associate profession of architects in our place. Generally, there is a tariff agreed upon by the architect in the organization.

2. Association of Architects

In connection with the above points, we should find the architect who is incorporated in an official association. The point is, the tariff is more transparent.

In addition, if there is anything, we can complain to the association of the architect. The association will certainly help to find solutions to our problems.

3. Revisions

Before construction begins, the architect will give us a design proposal. However, the design of the proposal was not suspicious.

We can provide input. In fact, we have to give it because the one who will stay in that house is not the architect.

In addition, in the middle of the road could have the architect revise the proposal even though it was approved earlier. Of course, this revision will be done with our consent.

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