7 Things To Be Avoided In The Coworking Space

Maybe you already understand the basic ethics that may and may not be done while in the office or coworking space. Previously, if you were interested in everything about coworking space discover more here, try to coworking space bangalore. But, are you sure you haven’t forgotten the following? Some of the things below are trivial and often forgotten, but apparently, have a big impact you know!


1. Go without carrying a handphone

As a professional, you are required to be contacted at any time during business hours. Your boss may not always be in the office, especially if you are dealing with clients via mobile, you are very required to always be with a cellphone, which is one of the media communicating with your boss and also your client. So, don’t ever leave without your cellphone. Even if it’s to the toilet or lunch.

2. Walk while ‘lifting your chin’

Not that you have to walk with your head down, but walk with a friend. Greet the people around you that you meet. Showing too much confidence through walking is also not recommended because it can make you look arrogant and don’t want to get along.

3. Gossiping about fun

Sometimes, it is common knowledge that the boss is the main topic of conversation in gossip. Starting from the boss who is fussy, giving too many tasks, or even this and that. Try not to start a conversation talking about the boss with coworkers. This is exciting when you can express emotions, but be careful, unconsciously, this could be a trigger for the destruction of your career. Remember that coworkers are still coworkers.

4. Want to know everything

When you are walking past a friend’s cubic and you see the chat page on his facebook open, try to hold back to peer the conversation. That is none of your business and still protect the privacy of others.

5. Act as if you were at home

Jokes laughing among office friends sometimes invite big laughter. However, to maintain your professionalism at work, do not be unconscious and laugh too wide and big. This can disturb your other co-workers who are concentrating. Keep trying to control yourself.

6. Borrow coworkers’ money

Beyond your closeness with your coworkers, try never to borrow money from him. Money is a sensitive and personal matter and maintaining privacy in the workspace is also something you should do. Maybe your coworker is not in need right now, but when he needs it, he will have difficulty asking for the money back. So, try to avoid these problems by looking for a loan of money outside the office environment.

7. Establish a love relationship with coworkers

There are pearls of wisdom that say that “you cannot get love from a place you earn money”. Because when you’ve got love, you will find it difficult to be professional, especially in front of your partner. When you are in a relationship with a colleague, you will begin to limit yourself with other colleagues and also make you look unprofessional, especially when you conflict with your partner. Keep separate personal affairs from work.

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