A Good WordPress Theme Consists These Things

Choosing the right WordPress theme will determine many important aspects of your site. Choosing the right theme will be complicated for new WordPress users because most new WordPress users are only interested in themes with just a good look. A good WordPress theme not only looks good but also the theme must be slim and light, easy to adjust, flexible, actively developed and also supported by the creator. If you trust our service, you can first gather info about wealthy affiliate.

If we talk about the theme, we must also consider design and UX. We often judge the theme for the first time based on how the theme looks and feels. You must also consider these following things before you choose a theme for your WordPress.

Complete documentation

The theme that has good documentation is a sign that the product is of high quality. This should be your first point when looking for WordPress themes. Because WordPress themes with detailed and complete documentation will help you in configuring and adjusting the theme, and explaining how the theme can be modified. This is useful if you are a developer or beginner who wants to use the theme according to the demo shown. Complete documentation can be a tool if you want to use the theme easily. It helps in using each feature provided.

Standard features

A good theme must also fulfill some basic requirements such as SEO friendly and mobile responsive. Because there are still many themes that are built with bad code, there are still many themes that are not responsive. You also have to see the widget area, layout, and templates provided by the theme. You must think about your needs in the widget area and also whether the theme brings a widget feature other than the default from WordPress. You can control your theme elements. You should also check whether the theme offers several layouts. This theme gives you ease in the configuration.

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