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A Man In Washington DC Rows His Boat On The River To Avoid Traffic Jam

In order to avoid traffic jams, a librarian from Bladensburg, Maryland, USA, has a unique way to go to work. For the past 15 years, Gabriel Horchler (71) went to his workplace in downtown Washington DC by rowing his glass fiber boat. In the past, he rode a motorcycle to go to work. One day, Gabriel and his motorcycle were caught in a heavy traffic jam. That was the first time he glanced at the Anacostia River which ran parallel to the road he used to walk. Meanwhile, before we continue, perhaps you also need to check out the best Kayak Parts for Sale Online if you love kayaking.

Then, the idea of rowing to go to work appeared. Since then, rowing has become Gabriel’s routine activity in the morning when leaving for work. Because his residence was a bit far from the Anacostia River, Gabriel had to ride for 15 minutes to reach Bladensburg Waterfront Park, where he tethered his boat. Then, he paddled about 8 kilometers downstream to the place where he docked the boat. Next, he returned to cycling until he arrived at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

The rowing trip took 90 minutes and when he returned he used the train. The next day, Gabriel’s activities changed, he used the train when he left and paddled when he returned. “I don’t think many people understand this, but this is the most ideal and perfect way,” Gabriel said.

Apart from not being stuck in traffic, the method used by Gabriel gives other advantages, namely fresh air, sports, and most importantly he does not fight over the road with other commuters. “It’s very pleasant and calming. You are entering a very calming rhythm. I am not a victim of traffic jams or damage. I am the ruler of the river,” Gabriel said.

Naturally, years of rowing make Gabriel’s body very healthy for people of his age. Even though her hair was white and wearing a librarian’s typical glasses, she hid a very healthy body. “This person (Gabriel) makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look weak,” said James Foster, President of the Anacostia River Community, while chuckling.

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