Additional factors that help a merchant succeed on Amazon

Nominal, product name, and sales word on the list of goods, you must highlight. In an online business, positive and honest reviews of a product are essential. Gaining the trust of consumers to make their choice for your product is above all else. There will be a reciprocal reaction from consumers who have used your product. In the meantime, you can also hire the trusted Amazon seller consulting to help your business on Amazon.

Customers with positive experiences will surely give the latest and exciting testimonials.

However, remember that it cannot be manipulated. Amazon is very meticulous in identifying relationships between sellers and buyers, so the best reviews are really born from actual customer statements.

So the best way to review your product is to ask for an objective assessment of the consumer via email. You can not persuade consumers to comment positively on your product. No matter how bad they think, everything should be updated authentically.


The most important factor for success in this business is the extraordinary ‘service’. In business today, there’s nothing you can disguise. Especially to disappoint even ignore customers.

Your business profile can be easily known to the public in no time.

As an Amazon seller at the intermediate level, merchants can be proactive with their post-purchase customers. This is to ensure that they are satisfied with the services provided.

Proactive interaction with customers will also help to increase branding loyalty and open opportunities for you to request honest reviews from them.

Do not compromise with bad experiences. You should be able to handle everything to fix any obstacles that arise for long-term customers and brand advocates you can get. Negative feedback that prevents potential customers will be anticipated without your being aware of.


Even if you are in the top seller list in Amazon, that does not mean you do not need promotion anymore. In almost every sales scenario, marketing is a must; people need to know that you exist. Many ways to go.

Once listed as a mid-seller, Amazon will give $ 50 in free advertising. This gives you the opportunity for free promotions right from the ‘bat’.

Meanwhile, marketing products on Amazon can travel through blogs, video content, and from other media that focuses on highlighting the immediate benefits of your product.

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