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Apparently Shaving Cream Not Just For Shave Only

By Viola J Wolfson / March 28, 2018

The organic content contained in shaving cream is clean, but what can be cleaned? For the bearded men who are definitely shaving cream as if a valuable item that never lost from your view dong. Well you know, in addition, to trim your whiskers or beard, shaving cream has other uses. You can get the best shaving cream by visiting the website from ageless man.

So what are the other uses of shaving cream?

1. Lubricant
If your door hinges noisy when you open the door, just blast the shaving cream onto the hinge, rub it all over the surface then clean. The door did not fuss anymore.

2. Cleaning Metal / Chrome
If you are the type of person who likes to keep clean, you would be uncomfortable when washing hands in the sink and see the faucet very dirty, stained and many fingerprints. Without chapters, grab your shaving cream and rub it into the tap. Wipe dry and blessed because your tap is already shone back. Can also be used to other metal / chromed surfaces, such as motor exhaust.

3. Removing Stains on Clothes
The incident is quite embarrassing when being eaten in a crowded place with colleagues ago office accidentally burger mustard sauce to tarnish our shirt. Well if you accidentally invite your shaving cream to join lunch, just take a quick leave to the toilet, clean the remains of the sauce with your finger or sponge (if available), Dab shaving cream and rub until the sauce is lost without trace. You can go back to the table with confidence, though your clothes will still be wet but at least not stained. This method can also be applied to the carpet.

4. Eliminating Cat

You a painter? Or want to renovate the house? We know that the skin is difficult to clean when exposed to paint, but calm down as long as you still have shaving cream. The trick is easy and the same as the above, you just give the cream on your skin affected by paint, rub and then rinse with water.

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