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Avoid These 5 Things To Be Hair Loss and Thin Hair

By Viola J Wolfson / November 7, 2017

Hair loss and thinning are often the main problems of women. As we know, the thin thickness of a person’s hair is strongly influenced by genetic factors. But did you know that there are some unconscious habits that can make hair thin? If you want healthy hair and more volume, be sure to avoid the habit that can make hair become thinner. Hair becomes more fragile in wet conditions. So, always remember to dry your hair slowly, yes. Combing hair when wet and rubbing hair with ‘rough’ can make hair break easily. Not only that, your hair follicles will also be damaged. Always comb your hair dry before bathing. To dry it, simply tap (instead of rubbing) wet hair using a soft towel slowly. Not that with the condition of your hair is easy to fall, for example, you can not make a style with your hair. Rather, you can actually do hairdo with Brands of hair straightener irons.

Some tips that you can use to improve your hair condition is Hair trimming regularly is one of the important things done to accelerate hair growth. A branched hair can make your hair tip thinner. No treatment can eliminate the forked hair tip. If your hair is branched, the only way to get rid of it is to remove the tip of the hair. Do hair trimming at least 3 months, hair will also look healthier if you routinely do hair trimming. As with skin, hot water can also make your hair dry. Hot water can remove natural oils from the hair. Not only that, the heat from the water will also make the pores of the scalp work harder to continue to produce natural oils that have been lost in the hair. This can lead to damage to the roots of the hair and make hair fall out or break. To prevent it, lower your bath water temperature or try to rinse your hair with cold water.

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