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Be a Professional Waiter within 3 Ways!

By Viola J Wolfson / February 13, 2018

Waiter/server is a person who served or worked in the field of presentation, in this case, food and drink or at least delivers a dish to someone. Waiter/server is a position that is available in various outlets of food and beverage department such as restaurant, room service, café, bar, and banquet. A Waiter/server must be able to provide excellent service and can be done in many ways, one of which is delivering food quickly and precisely using Kitchen Carts, besides Waiter/server is also should be pay attention to the following thing!

A. Taking Care of Self Appearance
The appearance will determine whether the service provided to the guest is a quality service and a tick or not. It is because of providing services directly to guests, always charged with the appearance of an interesting and interesting.

B. Attention to Attitudes and Behavior
Attitude, carriage, and behavior as an employee, especially for the waiter/server must be maintained and maintained. They must always be more skilled and nimble and always in a state ready to provide services. They also must always be in a neat state with the occasional control of appearance and self-control. Every waiter/server should always be friendly to every guest who comes. The smiling appearance under any circumstances will bring a lot of meaning to yourself, to the coming guests, relationships, leaders, and co-workers. A waiter/server is required to have a tolerant attitude that is able to think and consider all sides and interests of others, not from the side of personal interests and also must have a great sense of responsibility to the job.

C. Taking into account Duties and Responsibilities
The main task of a waiter/server is to provide services to guests who will drink and eat. In addition, the waiter/server must also prepare service equipment, implement table set-up and clear up, run step-to-customer well, ensure guests who come in a comfortable and happy and conditioned the area around the guests are always clean and safe.

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