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Believe In God Will Elimanate Your Anxiety

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / July 21, 2019

Every human being must often feel afraid, worried or anxious, when facing the pressures of life problems that are increasingly urgent find more, or increasingly squeezing.
This feeling ultimately often makes people can do wrong actions or stupid actions.

This often makes people do urgent prayer request to eliminate their anxiety.
A few simple examples, some people are so afraid of facing death, there are people who are worried because economic problems are so difficult, there are people who feel anxious about not getting a life partner.

These are all simple examples that often make many people so nervous about all these problems.

Even things like this happen a lot in the lives of believers, even if someone says he believes, it means there’s no need to be afraid right?

Come on, as a believer, we try to answer this question honestly, then we reflect on ourselves whether our answer is correct or is wrong.

If you believe in God, why are you so afraid to die just now because you are experiencing a sickness which according to the doctor your lifetime will not to be longer.

If you say that you believe in God, why are you still worried at this time because of the economic problems that crush you, so are you afraid of falling into poverty?

If you say that you believe in God, why are you so anxious because until now you still haven’t got a spouse, or there are various other anxieties that are plaguing you right now.
What is called believing in God means that whatever we are facing right now will not be able to make us feel afraid, worried or anxious, because we know that the person we believe in is God who created the heavens and the earth.

He must be able to help us in dealing with various problems, and whatever the problem is.

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