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Car Tire Can Cause Traffic Accident

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 14, 2019

As we know that owning a car means having to take good care of the car in everything. However, sometimes not everyone takes care of the car tire they use. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Department shows data that as many as 660 cases of traffic accidents are caused by a lack of wind pressure in tires and take many heavy injuries to more or less as many as 33 thousand per year. A recent study sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), which was conducted on 1000 drivers across the state, found facts that 63% of car drivers say that tire pressure greatly affects the distance traveled from a vehicle. With 19% of drivers who check the condition of their car’s tire pressure every month, three out of four motorists say that washing their vehicles, while only one in five drivers who in detail check the tire pressure of their cars. That is why it is important to get the best car tire available at https://www.gilsonpneus.com.br/ and maintain it well.

Vital but often underestimated, maybe that’s the position of the car tires. Not a few who still use old tires even though it looks thin no longer threaded. This attitude is understandable given the price of tires that cannot be called cheap. Especially if you have to replace the outside tire. Certainly, the costs incurred are not small. However, saving does not have to always be at the expense of safety. The key is in how to treat car tires. With proper care, car tires can last a long time. You also do not need to change tires frequently and mess around with tire prices that are high enough.

When crossing uneven or even damaged roads, the burden borne by car tires increases. Not to mention if your vehicle must go on a rocky and sharp road. Certainly, road conditions like this will make your vehicle tires thin or even damaged. It’s better to avoid damaged roads. If you can’t, you can be more careful or reduce speed when you’re driving on a road like this. Besides, choose a tire size that matches the standard of your car. This method is quite effective to keep vehicle tires from being damaged quickly.

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