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Causes And Impact Of Decreased Testosterone Hormone In Men

By Viola J Wolfson / April 11, 2018

Testosterone hormone is indeed the most important hormone for men. This is because some things in the male body are generated from this hormone. However, there are some people who have decreased or a small amount of testosterone hormone compared to others. For that, they usually consume herbal testosterone booster to increase the hormone in their bodies.

Decreasing this hormone is actually a natural condition along with aging in men. The condition of testosterone deficiency can also be caused by infection and injury to the testes, chronic renal failure, Klinefelter syndrome and cirrhosis of the liver. Another thing that affects this is the condition of stress and too much alcohol consumption. When the hormone goes down, then men will experience symptoms associated with the sexual function, and changes in body shape are very visible. In addition, this reduced hormone may be accompanied by other symptoms such as, reduced hair on the body, fragile bones, increased body fat, reduced strength and muscle mass, burning sensation, increased fatigue, and an impact on cholesterol metabolism.

Meanwhile, lack of this hormone also affects changes in psychic, such as feeling depressed or sadness overall and reduce the quality of life. In fact, there are some people who experience decreased race self-confidence, lack of motivation, and have problems in memory and concentration. The decrease in testosterone hormones in addition to increasing age is due to the condition of hypogonadism. This condition does produce too little testosterone hormone in a person.

However, all of the above conditions, as well as buses caused by side effects of normal aging or other medical conditions, such as treatment side effects, thyroid conditions, will consume excessive alcoholic beverages.
Therefore, to know whether your testosterone hormone levels are normal or not and whether the symptoms caused above are caused by lowered hormone levels in men, you are advised to do regular blood tests or when you feel something different from your body physically or psychic.

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