Causes of Locked Car Doors

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / November 7, 2018

Aside from the car lock problem, it turned out that there were several other factors that also resulted in the car door being locked. If the problem of a car door that cannot be opened is because the car key is lost or damaged, or also because it is left in the car so long as we have a backup key or duplicate key then we can use a duplicate key to open the locked car door. On the other hand, you may contact car locksmith in North West DC whenever your car lock is jammed.

The factors that cause the car door to be locked or unable to be opened even though they have used the car key are as follows:

There is a lot of dirt that has accumulated on the handle of the car

The cause factor of the first locked car door is the car door handle which is full of dirt. This dirt often causes the door handle to drag. Especially if the dirt is contaminated with air, it can lead to rusty door handles. As a result, when the door is closed it becomes difficult, even if you don’t want to open a locked alias. To avoid things like this, car owners should always clean the dirt that sticks to the door handle and often lubricates it.

The drive motor is rusty so it is difficult to open

The car door is very easy to close, but the problem of opening it is sometimes difficult. This is because besides the power used to open is greater than closing, sometimes there are several factors that influence it, for example the problem of a motorbike. The motor drive car that is lacking maintenance or because of the usage age that has been long or has exceeded the usage deadline can suddenly become drag or rust. So that the car door will need to be opened even more fatal can cause the door to lock.

The door was hit very hard

Another cause of the door did not want to open was that the door had been hit hard enough which resulted in many parts of the door being damaged or changing position. Like a broken door handle and the driving, gear changes its position.

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