Choosing a Coffee Machine by Its Type

Choosing a Coffee Machine by Its Type

Now, you can make cafe-quality espresso using an espresso machine designed for home use. However, you may be confused in choosing the product. Therefore, we will review how to choose a home espresso machine. The right espresso machine will give you a delicious coffee taste with a tempting aroma. You can visit our website because Here is the best place to find cheap coffee machines in the UK. Here are some things to consider when choosing an espresso machine.

Espresso machines are generally divided into three types, namely super-automatic, semi-automatic, and automatic (pod coffee/capsule espresso machine). Each type has different features.

Superautomatic type: Making espresso super easy
If you want to serve a strong flavored espresso in a practical way, choose this type. You just need to put the beans or coffee grounds in the container provided. Then, the machine will carry out the entire process until the coffee extraction results come out. Delicious espresso is served without the need for any technique. This type can be an option for those of you who are buying an espresso machine for the first time. This type is also suitable for those of you who are busy and prioritize the convenience of making strong coffee.

Semi-automatic type: Enjoy the sensation of personal espresso blending
This type is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy the process of making espresso. When using it, you must place the coffee grounds until they are solid and evenly distributed (tamping method) in the portafilter container. Then, a portafilter is inserted into the machine and the machine will extract the coffee grounds into espresso. This process makes sure that the coffee is cooked just right. Some semi-automatic machines are designed to extract coffee automatically. In addition, some other machines require you to manually pull the lever when extracting coffee. Before buying this type of machine, determine in advance how much you want to get involved in making espresso.

Automatic type (pod/capsule): Requires very little effort and time
This type is recommended for those of you who want to make espresso easily without spending a lot of time. This machine is equipped with coffee grounds that have been packaged in capsules or small sealed containers. So, you no longer need to grind coffee beans or fill coffee grounds into containers. With a container that has been sealed tightly, the fragrance and quality of the coffee grounds are well preserved.

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