Crawling Stimulation Exercises

One of the crawling stimulation exercises that are often done is the baby is put to sleep on the stomach. Old times there is a baby is recommended to sleep on their stomach to crawl. The position of sleeping on their stomach is the same as the crawling position so the baby can indeed crawl faster. But sleeping on their stomach is considered dangerous because the baby’s respiratory tract can be closed and cause sudden infant death syndrome. That’s why at this time supine sleep is more recommended for babies. Before you help your child learn to crawl, you need to prepare their security equipment, one of which is the best baby safety gates.

So, how is the right crawling stimulation exercise for the baby to crawl? Here are tips along with the signs:

– To help them crawl, your child needs a little encouragement. The easiest way to help them is to let them often in their stomach position. Before crawling, the child needs time and skill that begins with their stomach. Make sure your child can lift their head so he can still breathe.

– Prepare movable toys such as toy cars or balls. Let them play while on their stomach. This will make the legs and muscles move so that the muscles will be trained and stronger until finally ready to lift their body with their accomplices. The mirror can also be a stimulus because he will be happy to walk towards their face.

– When the baby starts to sleep on their stomach, it may be difficult for them to move the body. Help your child by putting a bath towel under their belly to make it slightly slippery. This will make it easier to move so that he is more motivated to move more. You can also help them by putting their hands on their feet and pushing them forward.

The key to getting a baby to crawl is the support of parents. Do not feel like a failure if he does not show signs of crawling. Mom and Dad still have to appreciate the process that she is doing and give them the spirit to try. Usually, babies need 2 to 3 months to learn. Keep your child current because things around them might make them hurt when trying to crawl.

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