Dangers Of AC For Health Aire Acondicionado Tijuana

Since air conditioning has become a secondary need in our daily lives, of course, you and most others are interested in having an air conditioner. Therefore, the AC certainly requires maintenance and so on. For all your home air conditioner problems, trust web site, to maintain the comfort of your home. However, behind its function as an air conditioner, there are several health hazards for air conditioners.

1. Increase the Risk of Facial Nerve Disorders
Facial paralysis is not actually due to the cold air conditioning, but rather a viral infection of the air released from the dirty air conditioner. Symptoms of the disease, which has another name, Bell’s Palsy, include the sloping mouth, slurred speech, reduced taste function, and the eyes feel spicy when exposed to water.

2. Stiff and sore necks
The danger of AC most often felt by some people is the neck becomes stiff, achy, and sore when moved. This is because cold air from the AC causes nerves and blood vessels around the neck to become stiff and sore when you wake up.

3. Dry Skin
The skin that is exposed to the air conditioner continuously loses its moisture and becomes so dry that it cracks. The temperature of the cold air from the air conditioner is the cause of loss of skin moisture.

4. Simplify the Spread of Viruses
AC is usually used in a closed room. This makes the room has no air changes. The air that continues to spin in one room would facilitate the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria.

5. Dehydration
Investigate a calibration, the cold air released by the air conditioner can bind and absorb body fluids gradually. As a result, you who fall asleep in an air-conditioned room can become dehydrated and will wake up with a very thirsty feeling.

That is the danger of AC and simple prevention tips. Even though it has a bad impact on health, you can still use AC. Use the AC properly so as not to endanger your health. Especially in carrying out maintenance on AC regularly with instalacion de aires acondicionados en tijuana.

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