Data Storage Technology

One of the most helpful technologies of humanity today is data storage. If we used to store data in the closet and take time when looking for old documents, with data storage technology we only need to open the folder where we save. There are several types of data storage technology that have been developed to date.

– HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is the most common storage device, the old generation and use technology that has not changed since decades ago. Plug-based HDDs rotate to store data, so it is quite risky at work because the components are moving. HDD price is cheaper than other types of drives, however, many risks that we can find in HDD.
– SSD (Solid State Drive) is a new generation of storage devices, based on flash memory technology to store data. Because it uses Flash, SSDs do not have any moving parts. SSD is widely used by High-End Notebook devices and Servers.
Low capacity SSDs at the system level can be reached with a range of about 32 GB to 64 GB. SSDs usually have the most efficient power among others.
SSDs usually provide maximum performance for booting and have a very high performance for reading or write that is very supportive of computing that requires the availability of multitasking is much better.
– SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) is a hybrid storage unit that brings HDD and SSD functionality into a single storage device. Basically SSHD-based platter, but also includes flash memory for data transfer to be more efficient.
SSHD also provides almost the same performance as SSD in terms of booting, loading data and also launching. Usually, this option is adequate to provide the performance required by the computer today.
-Cloud Storage
Unlike other storage technologies, cloud storage does not use the physical form to store data because the data will be stored in the cloud. There is a lot of cloud storage available on the internet and mostly free. To be able to access cloud storage we only need internet network and storage can be opened through various platforms.

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