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Do Branding For Your Startup Business With These Three Ways

By Viola J Wolfson / September 1, 2018

A business or company that has just begun or commonly called a startup will definitely need good and right marketing. They must be able to make their marketing quality and can be seen by many people. So, what they usually do is create a company website. You can also make it using the services of Webdesign Hessen.

In addition to the right marketing, branding of the business must also be good and right. Because good branding will also affect the results of the marketing. There are several right ways to do startup business branding, like

1. Learn the competitor’s brand
The first way to do it is to learn the brands of competitors. Starting from the logo and color chosen, target market targeted, the approach is taken and others. Make sure you don’t give the same product or approach to your competitors. Learn well, take a positive essence and then implement it to your startup brand in a different way.

2. Position your brand as ‘someone’
When determining the right brand, of course, the choice will fall to the right logo to the right color, but the other way that can be done is to position your brand as a person. If your company is a person, what is the right sex? Man or woman? Young or mature? What kind of clothes are usually worn?
By placing your brand as a ‘person’ can be a more personal approach to your prospective customers.

3. Make a brand that is relatable
Not only is the choice of fonts suitable for names, logos that can reflect the company’s identity or colors that can describe the characteristics of the services that you want to provide, ideally the right branding process is when the logo can be interpreted to all aspects. Thus all circles, ages, and professions can ‘relate’ to your brand more personal.

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