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Do You Want to Clean a Home Quickly?

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / April 30, 2018

Every day, you are faced with the task of cleaning the house. But when other household affairs take time, this task may be missed. How to clean the house quickly? If you even don’t have time and desire to clean how with these following quick ways, take a phone and give Planet Maids a call.

1. Clear the Important

Reported she knows, one of the secrets to clean the house quickly is to prioritize cleaning important. First was washing the dishes, then sweeping the floor and finally clearing the bed. By doing these three things, the house will look cleaner.

2. Clean Dust

Dust on the surface of the table or photo frames easy to see the eye. Though cleaning the house from the dust this does not take long, at least can be done less than 10 minutes. Wipe microfiber cloth one of the tools that can be used to clean quickly. Special materials used in the cloth can clean dust, dirt, oil, germs, and others.

3. Clean Bathroom

The bathroom is usually one area that you do not really like to do clean-up action. But in fact, this place is one that must be your priority. Cleaning the bathroom should not be done for hours.

For the bathroom, the quickest way to minimize your work is to first clean the toilet, then spray the disinfectant fluid on all floors. After that, start from the toilet, brush and clean quickly. By first spraying disinfectant liquid, you provide the opportunity for the fluid to work alone, so it can reduce your energy when brushing.

4. Download & Hide

When the house is not clean properly, you will suddenly arrival unplanned guests. If this happens, to clean the house, focus on visible areas only. For other areas, take the ‘take and hide’ action immediately. For example, take all the objects that are scattered and out of places, such as books, toys, and clothing. Put them all in one basket or another place, then hide in one place that guests may not see.

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