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Dogs Rarely Attack Without Confrontation

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 18, 2019

Many humans are often attacked by dogs. The attack is often taken to a legal action that needs a dog bite attorney in Los Angeles because the severe injury and loses the victim has to suffer. But it is also important to remember that generally, dogs will not attack if humans do not contribute. To avoid this happening, you need to be more careful and familiar with dog movements. Here are ways you can approach dogs so they don’t get attacked. Real dog expression can be seen easily. You will feel that your existence is accepted or not by them.

One of them by seeing his tail swaying which indicates they are happy. But not all the tails sway signify a positive expression. Therefore, you need to look at his face whether he wants to attack or is eager to play with you. There are indeed a few dogs who are brought near immediately friendly, and there are those who attack. It is advised that you read that body language. Does he look cheerful or not can be seen from his tail.

Dogs are very responsive animals when their territory is disturbed by people. Before attacking they usually start from growling and barking first. When new people come threatening the dog will take action. The dog will make a warning by growling or barking. At that time you have to understand you are being warned. We must also see his body barking because he is happy or afraid. When the dog growls and barks and emits an annoyed expression. This is the time for you to step back calmly and stay away. Keep trying to approach him will make him even angrier. When you see him afraid and you force him, we better get to know the language being transmitted first. Do not hold it carelessly hold. Accidents can occur. Keep in mind that when a dog attacks you it is his instinct to protect himself and his territory. Therefore, you as a human being who can think need to understand the innate character.

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