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Don’t Forget to Check Routine Parts of Your Car!

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 13, 2019

If you have ever experienced a power steering that feels heavy, it could be due to a worn hose or because the power steering fluid is getting less or even blocked by a damaged hose.

This lack of fluid can cause the power steering to buzz and vibrate. If there is a problem like this, immediately do a check, if the problem with the power steering fluid is to change immediately, bring it to the nearest official workshop, or you can visit our website and get pick up and drop of mot service.

Besides power steering, what you need to check is the availability of transmission fluid.

This transmission fluid also functions as a hydraulic system in the car. This transmission fluid is of course owned by manual and automatic cars.

The replacement can also be done manually by you or if you don’t want to be bothered, you can take your car to the garage to replace the transmission fluid.

If you do it manually, you have to understand what can happen to the liquid fluid. For problems such as leaks, the transmission fluid will usually be at the point below the words “add” or “cold.”

If you find a problem like this, it means you must immediately bring your car to the garage to immediately carry out further treatment. Don’t forget to check this liquid every 3 months.

Batteries include parts of cars that have liquids. Of course for those of you whose vehicle uses a wet battery, then you should pay attention to the battery liquid.

Choose water batteries that you believe are of good quality. If the battery water that is owned by your car quickly decreases and runs out, it means that there might be damage to your battery cell battery.

To clean the battery from the outside, the method is quite easy, that is, using only hot water. Clean the battery and try not to get exposed to the cables associated with the battery.

After cleaning, check the terminal or clamping battery. This loose battery can cause a green crust to appear on the car battery.

Next is to check the cable, if there is damage to the cable can make your car cannot turn on. So that this cable must be checked regularly to anticipate possible damage.

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