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Dufan mati incident that struck unforgotten fear through it visitors

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / September 1, 2018

The stalled incident of the Dufan mati in Dufan inevitably caused a sense of trauma for some people. But this sense of trauma that arises in society is considered by some social observers to be natural and human and can easily return to normal. “It is humane, a sense of trauma arises after a person experiences a shock or an incident which he thinks is creepy. But specifically the game of Tornado this sense of trauma experienced by the community is only temporary, and it will definitely return to the beginning,” explained Inggrid Hermanto, a social observer from the Sports Lovers Community. He predicted that after this dufan mati or when the tornado will be operated again, curiosity or intention to try the community will be higher than the trauma experienced. “Luckily at the time of the incident PT Jaya Ancol immediately took a stance in giving information due to the Tornado traffic jam and security explanation, and I am sure the community is holding on to it,” he continued.

Inggrid explained, this case was exactly the same as the previous incident, where the Tornado accident issue which was blown out by the party was not responsible. At that time, people’s fear was high enough to use the tornado game, but when it was operated and safe, many visitors were interested in playing. “It can be proven if the Tornado game is currently a game that is often visited by Dufan visitors before dufan mati occurs. In fact, one of the factors increasing Wahana Dufan’s visitors is one of them due to a challenging game such as Tornado,” 15 passengers were increasingly frightened. Rotated at a height of four meters, suddenly the vehicle stopped in a tilted position. Tension turns into fear in dufan mati incident, Some officers immediately acted to evacuate passengers who were panicking and shouting. Luckily there were no fatalities in the incident. The seat belts installed are locked tightly. No passengers fell. The evacuation process takes about half an hour.

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