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Enjoy Davao’s Exoticism with a Limited Budget

There are so many fun things you can do in Davao. However, before you go and explore Davao, it helps you find information about the place. If you are ready, visit our website and find hotels in davao city you can make it as your place to stay.

Exploring the exoticism of Davao, the Philippines with such a vast territory certainly costs money. However, this does not mean, with a limited budget, we can not enjoy the beauty of a city rich in bananas and durian. Then, how to enjoy Davao exoticism with a limited budget? So easy. In this case, the trip to Davao can be focused on cultural tourism.

When first set foot on Davao soil, the first visit should start from Davao Museum (Museo Dabawenyo) located on Pichon street. There we will get a variety of important information about the background of the city that one of his ancestors called Lumad it. In addition, in a short time, we will have a stock of Davao’s cultural heritage, including its history and artistic life. From Davao Museum which operates daily from 08.00-18.00 hours, the journey can be continued by visiting Osmeña Park, located opposite the most popular Museum in Davao.

Two minutes walk south, we can see the uniqueness of the San Pedro Cathedral building built in 1847 by the Spanish architect Don Jose Oyanguren, who later became the First Governor of Davao. From this oldest church in Davao, the journey can be continued to City Hall (Sangguniang Panglungsod Building). In front of this building, there is the Monument of Peace and Unity. In addition, there is also a durian sculpture that symbolizes Davao as the City of Durian. Just a hundred meters from the City Hall, we can break for a moment enjoying Davao’s distinctive culinary along Bolton Street. From here, we can use the jeepney (the means of transportation in Davao) to get to “People’s Park” the most popular theme park of Mindanao ride.

In this four-hectare park, we can see dozens of sculptural sculptures depicting Davao’s ancestors. The work was made by local artists. If coming on Saturday and Sunday, then you can enjoy dancing fountain show which started at 19.30 – 20.30.

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