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Excellent Tips For Designing A Narrow Kitchen Of An Apartment

Having a small kitchen does not mean limiting your creativity in decorating. You can also make a minimalist kitchen design a consideration. You only need to know what is needed to decorate it. Here we summarize genius tips and ideas in designing a minimalist for your kitchen that you might be able to make reference to. Below also will be discussed how to outsmart a small counter and a dark room. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to check out the high-quality condominium of Meyer Mansion.

Store items in the closet

The lack of space on your counter to cut and put food items is usually caused by the presence of items around it, such as spice bottles, jars, and so on.

Take care of the contents of your cabinet or kitchen cabinet, store the bottles there. Just leave your counter filled with food ingredients when you cook it.

Cutting board above the sink

This is a trick that has been done by many people to be able to cook more freely, namely putting a cutting board over the sink. This can give you a wider cooking area. Don’t forget to adjust the size of the cutting board, yes.

Paint walls with bright colors

One reason your kitchen feels cramped is probably that your kitchen lacks light. In addition to replacing the lights to be brighter, the way to outsmart it can also be by replacing wall paint with lighter colors like white or cream.

Install the mirror on one side

It’s no secret that the wide mirror is able to give the impression of the room becoming more spacious. But if you put it in a small kitchen, the effect is not like that. After you replace the lights and paint the walls with bright colors, the mirror will help reflect the light throughout the room.

Hang cooking utensils

To give a broad illusion to your kitchen, hang the cooking utensils you use most often, such as frying pans, grills, egg beaters, spatulas, etc. Arrange and sequence the position according to size and usage. In addition to providing a little space, this trick will also give your cooking flexibility.

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