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Factors that affect the strength of a concrete

By Viola J Wolfson / July 29, 2018

In the world of construction, concrete has a vital role. Concrete construction is the building structure of a building. The strength of concrete construction becomes the backbone of the standing or not of the building. What are the constituents themselves and what factors influence their strength? Here’s the explanation that we’d like to share with you. In the meantime, we also want you to check out the recommended Concrete Mixing Essex.

Content of cement

The more cement material you will use, the stronger and better-reinforced concrete construction will be produced. The use of cement is directly proportional to the strength of concrete construction.

Water content

The more water you use, the worse the construction of the concrete. Although in the construction of lightweight concrete construction, if the water is used a lot, the concrete construction becomes easier to work and the work becomes lighter. The key is to use water as little as possible, just so that a mixture of concrete construction can be done (can be transported, cast, compressed and finishing).

Water Mixture and Cement Materials or Cement Air Fakor (FAS)

The higher the comparison of the mixture of water and cement materials, the concrete construction will be even worse. To improve the quality of concrete construction, the house must reduce the ratio of water and cement materials.

The water and cement material is the ratio between the weight of water compared to the weight of the cement material. If the water we symbolize with W, and the cement material we symbolize with C then the formula is FAS = W / C, where the density of water is 1 kg/liter, and the weight of cement material is 3150 kg / m3 (required by American Standard Testing and Materials).

Aggregate (Sand and coral)

A mixture that is too much sand even though it will make the concrete smooth but its strength is slightly reduced when compared to a normal mixture. The strength of the concrete will decrease if the mixing uses a mixer for too long. Conversely, if the concrete consists of many corals, the concrete construction will be rough but the strength will be better when compared with the concrete that uses more sand.

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