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For a Side Garage, Here Are Some Things You Should Look For

There are many garage models that you can choose. one of which is a garage side model that is the location of the garage beside the house. however, whatever garage model you use, you should pay attention to the garage floor, you can use the best garage floor paint for your garage floor.

The advantage of this garage design model is located next to it will not take up too much space, especially if your home is a minimalist type. Side garage will not disturb the front or the entrance of the house. It’s important to integrate home and garage designs, the following examples can be your inspiration.
When you want to design a garage aside there are some things that need to be considered for the design model is appropriate, effective and does not disturb the inside of the house, namely:

– Floor height
As a place to store vehicles, the garage is also a place to clean it. Therefore note the floor height of the garage next to your house. Make a suitable design and make it easier to clean the car or motor water can flow more easily to the disposal.

– Tap water
Install a water faucet in an area that is easy to reach but also does not block your passage while on the move or park the vehicle. Make sure the water flow is wasted to the proper disposal place. So the garage does not become muddy and dirty when washing the vehicle.

– Roof Garage
The selection of a garage roof is an important consideration to protect the car body, or motor from the sun and the rain. Note the height, length, and width of the car when designing the garage. For car type hatchback form car garage design suitable for MPV.

– The garage door
Selection of garage doors will affect the look of the garage next to your house. There are several types of doors including rolling door, sliding door, folding door, to the electric door with remote control. The selection of doors and the practicality of the doors will affect whether or not you are removing or inserting a car. To save space, you can choose the sliding door as the right door model.

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