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For Parents, These Three Curriculums Are in the School You Need to Know Well

By Viola J Wolfson / November 27, 2018

For parents, choosing the right school is a difficult thing to do. Because schools can be a place for children to express themselves and develop the character of the child. Many parents finally choose international schools for their children. Bangkok International School is the choice for some people who want their children to be in the right school.

However, it should also be noted that there are several curricula that are usually applied in schools especially for pre-school. You must know some of these curricula so you can choose the school that is most appropriate for your children.

1. Waldorf
Education with the Waldorf method focuses on practical skills. At an early age given through creative games. Moral and social child development is also one of the goals to be achieved. Then the assessment of children is done qualitatively rather than quantitatively (in the form of scores).
The method originally developed by Rudolf Steiner at school in Germany was based on his theory of child development.

2. Montessori
The Montessori curriculum prioritizes independence where children learn to choose what concepts they want to learn by using educational tools. So children learn from mistakes (trial and error) and correct themselves.
Classes in Montessori-based schools can consist of students of different ages or mix according to the skills learned. The teacher in the class functions as an observer and mentor.

3. High Scope
The High Scope curriculum, based on constructivism theory by Vygotsky, prioritizes active learning and community-based learning where active interactions are carried out by students.
Each lesson is given in the order of the Plan-Do-Review where the child himself plans what will be learned, performs the learning process and repeats what has been learned.

You must recognize the three curriculums well so that you can understand which curriculum is the best for your children.

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