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Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / September 2, 2018

Dunia Fantasi or known as Dufan is an amusement park located in Ancol Jaya Dreamland complex which is quite popular among tourists. Of course, the ride of Dufan Ancol is one of the biggest attractions for people who want to visit here. This amusement park has an area of 9.5 hectares with an outdoor concept. So, don’t be surprised if there are many rides in this place tiket ancol promo.

In addition to the ride, it is also divided into several insights that were established with the aim to inspire the imagination of visitors. There are various atmosphere of the area that you can find in this place. One of them is the atmosphere of the archipelago. When visiting, you will be invited to feel the sensation of walking in Jakarta a long time ago. In addition to the archipelago, there are a number of other settings that will certainly add to your admiration, including the atmosphere of Europe, Greece, America, Asia, and so on.

Trying the ride Dufan Ancol is the main destination for tourists to visit this amusement park. For information, the rides here are divided into several levels, namely Water Ride, Family Ride, Children Rides, and Thrill Ride.

1. Arung Jeram Dufan

If you don’t have the courage or don’t have the opportunity to ride the original rafting, you can try one of Dufan Ancol’s rides. When riding a round rafting, you will be invited to circle the 325 meter river with a fairly heavy current. Even though it is only imitation, the sensation is like riding a real rafting. One rafting can be climbed by eight people. So, it would be perfect to try with friends for fun.

2. Niagara Gara

Niagara Gara is a rides boat that you should try while visiting Dufan. You will be invited to slide from a height and follow the flow of water. The climax, the boat will invite you to ascend as high as 20 meters, then go free down. Riding this ride the sensation is like sliding from Niagara Falls in America.

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