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Get to Know ChromeBattery: Solar Panel Battery and Also A Trolling Motor

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 12, 2018

Developing technology facilitates human life. If in the past the battery motor needed to recharge with water and resulted in a dirty terminal valve, now it comes with dry battery technology so it only needs to charge with electricity for several hours. One of the batteries that use this system is batteries for fishing trolling motors. Some fishing boats or larger vessels switch to using a battery motor with the reason that they do not need to refill using fuel. Simply carrying the battery motor in a fully charged state, their ship can move for several hours.

One brand that is often used is ChromeBattery. But this brand is not as famous as Odyssey or NorthStar. ChromeBattery has been made from the beginning for the solar panel industry. The components are similar for fishing trolling motors, so ChromeBattery can be used as a driving force for fishing trolling motors. ChromeBattery has used GMS technology so that it is free from maintenance and checks the water level.

ChromeBattery only has 300 CCA so it is not suitable for use as a starter battery and trolling. The weight is only 39 pounds. Then ChromeBattery is better for small boats. This battery has a length of 9 inches, 8 inches high, and about 5.5 inches. Ampere-hour for this type is 55 Ah. Its small size is suitable for fishing boats or boats for fishing in the middle of the lake. The warranty provided for ChromeBattery is 18 months. The duration of the warranty is quite good for batteries that are not well known in the marine industry. You can use two batteries at once to get satisfying power, but you can also use only one unit to stabilize the boat.

Unfortunately, ChromeBattery is not included in the carrier strap, so it is quite difficult if it is often moved. In addition, the connector only has one piece, the small O-ring connector. For those of you who have a large connector, you should buy a new connector to be able to adjust to ChromeBattery.

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