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Gold levels and rust suitable for your jewelry

By Viola J Wolfson / November 8, 2018

Many people think that the higher the rest of their gold jewelry, the better and more Grillz jewelry. But this assumption is not always true. It is true that the more pure gold the price will be more expensive and your prestige becomes higher. It’s just that, this does not mean that gold is getting purer, high levels and large rusts certainly guarantee the jewelry is better quality. Wrong-wrong it actually hurts you. If you choose jewelry from pure gold, especially coupled with diamonds with diamond designs flanked by gold, the risk of diamond loss is higher. Apparently, the higher the level of gold in a piece of jewelry, the more ‘bad’ for jewelry. Keep in mind, the higher the level of pure gold in jewelry, the softer the jewelry. The software in question is of course not soft or soft like food. However, the software in question is not strong enough to withhold additional details. In addition, this precious metal also easily changes shape when exposed to heat.

Because of this soft nature, gold must be mixed with other metals to make it stronger, can be formed and can maintain a strong shape. The most suitable gold for jewelry is 75 percent gold. While the rust is 18-22 carats. This 75-carat gold jewelry means the jewelry contains 75 percent gold and the remaining 35 percent is the content of other metals, 75 percent gold, 18-22 carats is the perfect combination that can maintain the shape of jewelry beautifully. If you are considering buying 925 Silver Sterling and you are unusual to the jewelry production, you will want to identify the differentiation between real silver and 925 silverware silver. Sterling silver is a popular metal used for making jewelry and other decorative items. Well, pure silver is not only made of silver. It has 99.9% silver, and a small content consisting of other elements such as copper. Sterling Silver, on the other hand, consists of 92.5% silver, and the rest consists of copper – frequently copper. This is the cause why Sterling Silver is known as 925 Sterling Silver or only 925 Silver.

The idea silver requires to be merged with other metals is that it is very difficult to make great designs only with pure silver, which is very soft and easy to form. A little violence must be proposed, by combining other metals such as copper. That’s why jewelry stores are able to make the most complicated and complicated designs with 925 Sterling Silver. A jewel is supposed to fine silver if it restrains 92.5% (or more) of real silver but real silver is too soft to use without other metals. So copper and nickel are generally incorporated to form the remaining 7.5%. On the other hand, Silverplate is different from genuine silver because only the jewelry surface is covered with genuine silver and the rest of the items are made of copper or nickel alloys.

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