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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android Game: What Do You Expect From It?

What do you expect from Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android Game? Niantic Labs, the maker of Pokemon GO, will present Harry Potter’s augmented reality (AR) game for mobile next year.

Reported by the Independent, a game that is a collaboration with Warner Bros. will be titled “Harry Potter: The Wizard Unite”. They also set up a subkey Portkey Game for 2018. Niantic Labs delivers this highly inspired game from Ingress, a type of online game that consists of many players who use location information and AR technology.

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” will bring the wizarding world of writer JK Rowling into cell phones and use the added reality to create real-world hunting, allowing players to cast spells, find artifacts, act on teams and find animals and magic characters from book series famous “Harry Potter”. In “Harry Potter: The Unite Wizard,” players must gather strength, maintain locations and explore new environments while exploring the real world just like Pokemon GO.

The publication says “there will be significant influences from the Infront Niantic game”, which lets you travel the world gathering in-game items and exploring specific locations. Augmented reality works by mapping the real world and putting virtual objects on it, which you can see and interact with on your smartphone.

Just like playing any other game that you usually play, make sure you will have the right time to play it so that you won’t bother your daily activities. If you never know this game before (refer to Harry Potter Wizard Android Game), it would be better to first do the research or gain related information. However, this can help you get the most out of the experience when playing that game. If this sounds to be true, then you can start the research by visiting our site. Do you get ready for the challenge to play this game?

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