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Here are some of the attitude of restaurant customers who are most hated by servants

By Viola J Wolfson / September 5, 2018

If you often go to a restaurant, of course, you often meet the waitress there who will greet you. Unfortunately, many guests did not answer the greeting and immediately left. This is a thing they really hate. Because they certainly have been prepared to serve customers well. A good restaurant certainly does that. One of the best restaurants you can visit at lunch is the best brunch nyc.

Because lunch is the most important time to fill your energy that has been used up because of working and doing other activities. As a customer who needs service, there are some things that you usually consider to be small, but it turns out to be a thing that is hated by the servant. Some of the things in question are

– Don’t answer the greeting
Usually, when you enter a restaurant, you will be greeted very well by the servants. Not infrequently they even greet you well. If you ignore their question because they want to see the menu, then this will disturb them greatly.

– Let the counter table with items
Usually, you will put bags, wallets, cell phones, and various other mandatory items on the table. This will disturb the servants who will deliver food to you. try not to put various items on the table to make it full. Waiters will be very awkward with this situation because they will find it difficult to put the food you ordered.

– Leave food
If you have ordered food, surely you spend all the food you ordered. never leave especially in large numbers. It will really hurt them and make it difficult for them to clean everything on your plate. Also make sure that if you add a variety of additional ingredients, you can spend them all without any leftovers.

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