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Here Are Some Proper Steps In Cleaning Windows

The windows that are in your house should always be cleaned in order to look very bright and shiny. With a clean window will also make your home look more attractive. If you think cleaning windows is a difficult thing, then you can use the services of dallas residential window cleaning to clean those parts. With the cleanliness of the window that is considered, then your house will look more beautiful and attractive.

Also, note that there are some tips you can do to clean the windows. Some of these tips are

– Remove the window curtain before cleaning the window
If you are installing a window curtain on the window, you should remove it first before cleaning begins. This is done to ensure that the dust from your window cloth will not fly or contaminate the window glass.

– Clean the windows in overcast weather
Cleaning windows as the sun are blazing is a big mistake to avoid. Why? Because the heat from the sun will cause the cleaning fluid to dry quickly and this will cause stains spots on the window. As a result, you have to clean the windows over and over again to get a satisfactory result.

– Use correct cleaning tools & methods
Tools to be provided:
1. Cleaning Fluid
Microfiber Cloth
Warm Water Buckets

Cleaning steps:

2. Pour the cleaning fluid into a bucket of warm water. Remember, do not pour too much cleaning fluid. Less foam, better.

3. Use a sponge to absorb as much fluid as possible and spread it evenly to the entire surface of the window. A soft sponge can lift and absorb dirt without causing scratches on the glass.

4. Clean by using a squeegee (rubber knife) and pull with movement to form the letter S from top to bottom. Wipe the surface of the squeegee with a clean cloth after each pull and repeat this process for several times.

5. After that, wipe your window glass with a microfiber cloth (or other soft fabrics) to dry it completely. Microfiber fabrics can absorb water without leaving blotches or streaks and, therefore, are important tools that should not be missed.

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