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Here Is The Advantage & Weakness of LED TV

By Viola J Wolfson / September 5, 2018

Since the late 1950s people have been accustomed to watching from tube-shaped television (TV), from the time the screen is still black and white. However, around 2006, tube TVs were increasingly invisible. In fact, even large electronics stores no longer sell tube TVs. The popularity of tube TV has now been displaced by the presence of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) TVs. Anyway, what are the advantages of LED TVs that are not owned by tube TVs? Visit our website to get Very low prices on Hisense Smart TVs.

LED TV is the most electricity-saving TV type. The emitting diode lighting owned by LED TVs consumes less electricity. LED TVs can save 50 percent more electricity than tube TVs. That way, you can save your monthly electricity expenses. LED TV designs are thinner than tube TVs. This is because they have used backlighting technology. Generally, the thickness of this TV is only 25 mm. This TV will not spend much space in your family room or room. Although thin, the screen size of this type of TV is wider than tube TV. TV tube screen width cannot be more than 40 inches because of the difficulty of making glass for the screen. Meanwhile, LED TV screens can reach 80-100 inch. Is it really fun to watch a crowded soccer match with friends?

Although it has many advantages, LED TVs have their own disadvantages. More sophisticated technology and better materials make this type of TV maintenance and repair costs quite expensive. The price is almost the same as the price of buying a new TV. The price of LED TV components is more expensive than other types of TV. The panel alone can reach 80 percent of TV prices. Not only the panel, other components that are on the back of the TV are equally expensive. Components that also have high prices include main board and power supply module. If these components are damaged, the user will be confused about the funds to be spent.

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