Here’s How to Store a key safely

Making and placing a spare key in the area of your home is a high-risk measure. If found by someone who is not responsible, they can easily break into and steal items from inside the house. Therefore, it is better to bring a spare key and put it together with the vehicle key. However, if you do not need the key to enter the house, such as your spouse or child, then you are forced to leave the key in the area of the house. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith Dublin if you’ve lost your house key and you must open its front door as soon as possible.

The following are some safe locations for storing safe backup house keys:

First, leave the keys to neighbors or relatives who live near your home. Unfortunately, this method also has disadvantages. First, you cannot do this if your neighbor is not at home. Second, you cannot force your neighbors to wait for your family to get home and need the key. The state of urgency does make it difficult for you to rely on other people so you need to think creatively in storing keys. Try to pay attention to the yard or terrace area of your house. Note the most common things available in the area.

Second, if there are many trees in your yard, you can hide them in the gap of the tree. This method is almost the same as the first way, which is using your page character as a hiding place. However, you also have to be careful, make sure there are no wild animals that easily take it from hiding places.

Third, if the facade (facade) of your house is decorated with exposed brick, you can use one of the niches in the brick as a place to put the key. Make sure there are no gaps that are too large until they are easily identified.

Fourth, place the key in a large diameter wind-chime tube. Use quality and strong velcro (the adhesive used for clothes, shoes, and bags) to attach the key to the inside of the wind-chime tube.

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