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How Drinking a Coffee Can Lead to Cause the Health Problems If You Make These Mistakes

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 20, 2019

It seems no one doubts that coffee is a good source of antioxidants for health. As long as there is no problem with the stomach and is consumed at a reasonable dose, the routine of brewing coffee every morning is proven to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. How often do you love to enjoy a cup of coffee regarding the www.goodlifecoffee.com/ type you choose from? Do you also love to add sugar or other ingredients to make it more tasteful?

It’s just important to remember that coffee is almost never present alone. There is always added to get the desired taste. There are times, it is precisely this addition that makes the healthy benefits of coffee disappear or diminish.

One of them is a sweetener, both natural and artificial. Sugar can indeed be added so that coffee is not too bitter, but it is often forgotten that this also includes extra calorie intake that must be taken into account. Excess calories that are not balanced with physical activity are risk factors for obesity and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.

Other additions that must also be considered are milk and cream. Both are sources of fat, whatever the label is either skim or full cream. What distinguishes only the levels, skim contains less fat than full cream.

Does that mean you can’t add it to coffee? It is also understandable that not everyone can consume black coffee, and therefore there is milk and cream to add. Of course, moderation is the key. As long as it is controlled or not excessive, it feels fine.

Besides being too many unhealthy additions, coffee can also lose benefits due to excessive consumption. In various literature mentioned 2-3 cups of coffee every day can still be categorized as reasonable. Moreover, coffee may not provide more benefits.

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