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How to choose the right hosting service package

By Viola J Wolfson / January 3, 2018

For hosting packages and paid domains, also do not lose much. If you search on Google, it will show a lot of search results for this hosting package and paid domain. One company/hosting provider sometimes provides more than one kind of hosting plan option. Some are cheap, some are expensive. But make no mistake, although many hosting providers who say that reseller hosting is cheap hosting, most of the server quality is okay all.

There are several factors that we can make consideration when choosing a hosting, among others:

Needs hosting.

Like what our hosting needs, will greatly determine the amount of hosting space we take, server location, and hosting support required. If your website is a new website, then the required hosting capacity is not as big as the old website.

Type of website to be built.

As an illustration, if you want to create an online store, it will be a little different when you create a personal profile website, because online stores need more space to accommodate images of many products. So make sure what kind of website you want to create.
Server location.

Who is your target market? Are the visitors local or overseas? Perhaps you need to know, the server location offered by the hosting providers is very diverse, among others:

Hosting IIX = server location in Indonesia
Hosting USA = server location in the USA
Hosting SG = server location in Singapore
Hosting EU = server location in Europe
Ideally, the closer the location of the server with visitors/website readers, then the speed of the process of loading the website will be faster for the visitors. However, server speed is not only influenced by location but also other factors such as server hardware specifications. Therefore note also the server specifications offered by web hosting services.

Do not get stuck on unlimited terms.

If you often see various hosting packages, of course, will often see the term “Unlimited Bandwidth” or “Unlimited Space”. Wait, do not be fooled by this term. Because basically, all resources have limits. Includes bandwidth and space hosting capacity. So what is meant here is unlimited you are entitled to use the space or bandwidth facility unlimited to limit the limit according to server hardware specifications and according to the policy of each hosting provider.

Priorit domain extension “.com”.

When you want to choose a domain name, try to find a domain extension. Com first, then .net .org. co and so forth. Because psychologically, people will tend to type the .com domain extension when writing the address of a website. Because it is the most popular extension.

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