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Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / June 1, 2018

Eye pocket problems are common in women. Excess melanin content on the skin is what makes your eyes there are dark circles under it, or also often called panda eyes. When eye bags have appeared, not infrequently the women do various steps to eliminate the eye bags. Eye bags are not a very serious health problem. But this will definitely interfere with facial appearance. Moreover also can decrease confidence level. You can visit our website and get Skin Care by Ziampro. Our beauty products range from snail products, bee venom series, facial mask, moisturizer and eye care.

One cause of this problem is usually due to lack of sleep, less eating nutritious foods, and also less maintain eye health. In addition, habits often force the eyes to keep on the move, can also cause eye bags. It turned out that dehydration, genetic or hereditary factors, exposure to sunlight, too much to see the monitor screen, also causes the occurrence of eye bags. To cope with these eye bags, there are many ways to remove your eye bags and look attractive again. How to remove eye bags? Check out the explanation below:

– Eye Compress with Ice Stone

How to remove the eye bags are the next powerful is to compress the eye with ice cubes. You can compress the eye with ice cubes, so that eye bags slightly disguised. Do it for about 10 minutes.

– Stick the Cucumber on Your Eyes

How to remove the next eye bag by way of compressing the eyes with fruit or cucumber juice. In cucumbers include ascorbic acid, vitamin C which can treat irritation and swelling of the skin, including skin swelling due to eye bags.

– Potato Reduce Inflammation of the Skin

Potatoes containing citric acid and phosphoric acid are very useful to reduce inflammation of the skin. For how to use it, simply stick potatoes on the eyes like doing eye compress by using a cucumber.

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