How to Eliminate Melasma

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / May 20, 2018

Melasma is a chronic skin condition that causes discoloration of the facial skin. Melasma usually appears as a blotchy brown, black, or bluish gray on the top cheek, upper lip, forehead, and chin. The main factors are hormonal changes and sun exposure, so the most effective and long-lasting treatment is to reduce or eliminate the cause. Many women experience melasma during pregnancy, and in this case, melasma will disappear naturally after childbirth. To help you eliminate melasma, you can use DermClear.

You can eliminate melasma with a prescription from a doctor. See your doctor. Talk to your doctor about hormonal and cream changes that you can try to eliminate melasma before seeing a dermatologist. Melasma treatment is considered elective and may not be covered by insurance. So, find out the cost of all types of treatments and previous procedures.

Stop using drugs that may be the cause of melasma. Certain drugs, such as the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy, can affect hormones and trigger melasma. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of stopping the drug. Although pregnancy is the most common condition associated with melasma, melasma is also known to occur due to medications and conditions that affect hormones. After pregnancy, oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy are two other major causes. You can stop using it or replace it with another product to determine whether melasma will fade by itself afterward.

Change your hormone replacement therapy. Usually, hormone replacement therapy cannot be stopped. Consider why you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy to determine if it can be stopped or reduced dose. However, there are ways to change therapy so that the chances of melasma can be reduced. Consult your doctor before making any changes. Start hormone replacement at night. If you do it in the morning, the sun will shine during the day so as to maximize the risk of melasma. Changing the night-time schedule can help alleviate this problem.

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