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How to hold the drumsticks for beginners

By Viola J Wolfson / February 21, 2018

Drum became one of the musical instruments that much in demand, especially by teenagers. This instrument can indeed help release adrenaline so it is suitable for the soul of teenagers who want to be free. While drumming is also believed to be the most appropriate time for teenagers. Learning drums takes time and persistence is very high. One of the problems that often happens to beginners who have just tried drum music is how to hold the drumstick. Anyway holding a drumstick then the sound can be different. Meanwhile, you should also check out the best drumsticks for improving your performance and comfort when you play a drum.

Although the technique to hold the drumstick looks easy but it is not at all. Beginners should attempt to memorize the tone so that the sounds generated from each blow can be different. Here are tips on how to hold a drumstick for all beginners.

Technique gripping

The gripping technique is the most efficient technique to create a stable sound. You can try to hold with the hands on the side of the stick. Then use the left hand placed on the right-hand stick. The thumb should touch the stick and the finger covering all parts of the stick until it touches the thumb. If already memorized then move with different hands. Then you should try to repeat several times until the handle point on the stick is balanced. After that, you can try to hit lightly and memorize the sounds caused by the drums.

Fulcrum pinch technique

The second way is to try to use the pinch fulcrum technique. This technique is also often called by pinch technique. The trick does look similar to the technique grip but it is very different indeed. You should try putting the thumb and the first joint of the index finger, then follow on the mother’s day with the joints of both index fingers. After that, you have to memorize this movement. But professional drummers usually use a combination of middle fingers with joints on the index finger. If you are still a beginner then try to find the movement that is most comfortable according to your own.

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