How to keep your iMac fast and healthy

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / November 25, 2017

It’s true that an iMac can be faster and more reliable compared to the cheaper computers and laptops out there. However, when you need yours to become faster, perhaps you need to know the tips and also the right iMac repair plantation near you.

Add more RAM

Before you complain about a slow Mac, make sure your Mac has sufficient RAM. For Leopard, we recommend 2GB of Mac RAM. For those who often use graphics applications should be RAM above 2GB. For MacBook white can use up to 4GB of RAM.

How do I know if your Mac needs RAM? Easy, just open the Activity Monitor in the folder / Applications / Utilities. Then look in the System Memory tab.

Clear System Cache

This step is for those who have less hard disk space. By clearing the app cache stored on your Mac account. There are many applications to clean the system. I wear MacPilot. Another application that works the same is Onyx. There is one manual tip on Mac OS X Hint.

Run Disk Utility

Disk Utility is not just for format or burn CD only. The most important use of Disk Utility is to fix Mac OS X system permissions, as well as repair the hard disk sector.

We recommend that you run Disk Utility, Repair Disk Permission and Verify Disk regularly, more often better.

Run the Maintenance Script

Open Terminal, inside the Applications / Utility folder. Then type this command.

You will be prompted for a password, type Administrator’s password. After that, the script will work. If you have not run this script at all, it will take a long time.

FSCK can be reliable

At some point, your hard drive can no longer be repaired using Disk Utility. That’s when the fsck can fix it. What is fsck? fsck is a text interface application, File System Check.

To fix a damaged system hard drive, you must log-in in single-user mode. We once wrote how to use single-user mode.

In this mode, there is no beautiful interface, there is only the terminal. Type the command below

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