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How to maintain a tent when it’s not being used

By Viola J Wolfson / April 14, 2018

It’s regardless of what kind of tent you have, the tent will surely function properly if treated properly. Care of the tent is important before use, when used, after use, and when not in use. As for the occasion, this time gave how to care for tents when not in use. How to? Here’s the review. In the meantime, check out the recommended Custom made inflatable tents for events and promotions as well.

Remove All Goods and Stools in Tents

Before saving your tent because it will not be used, make sure the tent is clean. Remove all the goods and dirt from inside the tent. You can turn the tent upside down and fondle it as it ensures no more dirt dust is left.

When used earlier tents had been showered by rain, make sure you also wipe the tent. In this case, you can use a water-absorbing cloth like Chamois. Wipe perfectly in every corner of the tent. This is to ensure the tent is clean and completely dry.

Packing Sufficiently Maybe

When the tent is completely clean, packing the tent as efficiently as possible in a wrapping bag. In this case, do not come home folded tent. Fold the tent in such a way following the fold direction. It’s a good idea to buy a tent first with a guidebook, the book is stored in order to facilitate how to re-fold the tent after it is finished. When the tent is folded neatly in the bag wrapper, directly store in a storage cupboard at home.

Clean Tents Periodically

Even though the tent before being stored is cleaned properly, it does not mean you can leave the tent too long in the closet. Because the tent is mostly made of parasitic rubber material combination. So keeping the tent for too long without reopening will only make the rubber smell stronger. As for rodents like mice are usually fond of the aroma.

Therefore, periodically clean up your tent again. You just unfold the tent and then air it for a while. If you have time to spare there is no harm in also washing back the tent you have. Clean using wash foam that has been given shampoo and it’s good to avoid using detergent.

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