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How To Maintain Heart Health?

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / May 26, 2017

Maintaining a healthy heart health can be done in an easy and simple way. This means you do not need to spend expensive to care for organs of this one. Tips for a healthy heart and can work to the maximum you can do yourself at home without a coach or special equipment. Just consider the daily lifestyle and throw away activities that can harm the health of the body.

Statistics say one of the main causes of death in Indonesia is heart disease. Therefore, you should know how to keep your heart healthy to be healthy and not susceptible to disease.

What Causes the Rise of Heart Disease?

– Smoking habit

– Have high blood pressure

– Overweight and diabetes

– Lazy exercise and moving the body

– Have blood fats and unhealthy cholesterol levels

– Men aged 55 years and women 65 years have a risk of heart disease

Maybe for those of you who have money and more time, following the exercise in the gym is not impossible. But if you want to have a healthy heart without spending a lot of money, follow the following heart health care tips. In addition to easy, cheap and powerful, there are many other benefits that are useful for the body.

1. Stay as far away as possible from cigarettes and smokers

All sane people in this world know that smoking is very harmful to the health of the body. I myself am not convinced of the recent appeal of cigarette advertisements that read “Warning: Cigarettes Killing You!” Will immediately alert a smoker to stop. Therefore, the best way to maintain heart health is to stay as far away as possible because cigarette smoke is not only harmful to the smoker but also harm the people around him.

2. Avoid overweight

It has become a natural law if obesity is a contributing factor to the emergence of heart disease. Even worse, people who are obese have a greater risk of heart attack than people with normal body weight. Medical facts say people who are overweight tend to have sleep apnea, a medical condition in which a person stops breathing for a short time while asleep. Sleep apnea puts you at risk for heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

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