How to make Meta Description?

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 7, 2019

If you are a web programmer, you have to create a meta description form. You can learn how to make it by visiting the website of dallas seo and we will glad to help you.

SEO URL structure

If you use WordPress, you don’t need to think about this because it’s been search engine friendly. But if you become a web programmer, you must create a search engine friendly URL structure. This is very technical

SEO content

For SEO articles, the technical specifications are as follows

Make at least 3-4 Paragraphs or 300-500 letters. So don’t be too short because visitors will read it quickly.

Embed Keywords (Keyword) in several paragraphs, but not too much or too much so that it is considered spam by Google. If there are 4 Paragraphs, just plant 3 Keywords (Keyword).

Don’t just write long and boring sentences. Decorate your article so that you don’t get bored with different variations of BOLD, Italic, Colors so that visitors don’t get bored reading it. Also, break in Sub Titles and Points so visitors can enjoy your article.

Add pictures, illustrations, photos or related infographics so that visitors can read it. The length of time this visitor will be counted by Google, and this will increase the ranking of your website.

Add interesting animations or videos if possible. This will also allow visitors to access your article for a long time.

Add an internal link (link) in your article which can also be clicked on to another page on your own website of course. This will make your articles on other pages also get traffic. Usually, like related posts on the news.

If you are confused, we always ready to help you to understand and help you to get the best result for any of your business. What are you waiting for? Visit us right now!

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