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How to Prevent Anemia in Pregnant Women

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / October 11, 2019

One disease that often occurs among pregnant women is anemia. The severity of anemia also varies so that it can affect the condition of the fetus and the mother. Therefore, the prevention of anemia in pregnant women is needed so that the mother and fetus remain healthy. You can visit Gynecology Singapore to find out more things to do in pregnancy time.

Lack of hemoglobin in red blood cells results in a lack of oxygen in the body. You also become weak, headaches, to shortness of breath. Anemia often occurs in pregnant women due to physiological changes that can affect hemoglobin levels. In addition, the intake of nutrients and vitamins that pregnant women tend to be unbalanced can result in the body’s iron deficiency so anemia finally occurs. In addition to iron deficiency, several other causes of anemia in pregnant women include:

Folate deficiency due to an unbalanced diet
Vitamin B12 deficiency due to not consuming enough dairy products, meat, and eggs that cause unhealthy red blood cells.

Anemia in pregnant women certainly carries several risks that could potentially harm the mother and baby. Some that may be experienced if you have anemia during pregnancy, namely:

Post-partum hemorrhage or excessive bleeding after childbirth
Placenta previa or placental cords are located at the bottom of the uterus
Premature birth
Low birth weight
Fetal death

Because of the various complications due to anemia during pregnancy that you certainly have to be vigilant and really pay attention to food intake. Taking anemia prevention measures in pregnant women by adopting a balanced diet can help you avoid these complications. As reported by the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program, one effective way to prevent anemia in pregnant women is by taking iron supplements. In addition, the prevention of anemia in pregnant women can begin to be done by adjusting the diet to be better.

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