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How to Stop Smoking Tips for the First Week of Quitting

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / July 28, 2019

The first week of stop smoking may be hard for you. You may be overthinking and worried about the withdrawal or fail to quit smoking. Now stop thinking about your worriedness, you should try to focus on your reason why you want to stop it. It can be your big motivation to quit smoking successfully. It maybe needs a lot of times to do it, but it will worth in the end. You can find out how to quit smoking tips that can help you prevent the cigarettes needs.

Are you on starting on quit smoking program? Here are some tips you need to know about to handle the first week when you’re quit smoking.

Helpful How to Stop Smoking Tips for First Week Quitting

1. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drink plenty of fluids is one of how to stop smoking tips that you should do. Fluids of Water will help you to clean residual toxins of your body from smoking quickly. Drinking can help you fill up that will make you eat less. Staying hydrated will help you feel better and manage withdrawal symptoms easier. So, water is an important part of your smoking status diet.

You need to limit soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol by changing it into fruit juices or herbal tea. Alcohol and caffeine can affect your mood negatively and can increase the urge to smoke.

2. Go for a Walk

Another how to stop smoking tips is to go for a walk. Walking can help in improve your mood and prevent you from smoking urges. This exercise also helps to release endorphins or hormones that make you feel good. You can take a short walk every day for 15 minutes around the block once or twice a day. It will make you feel relax and refresh.

That’s some information about how to stop smoking tips for the first week after you quit to smoke. So, make sure you have to do exercise like going for a walk or drinking plenty fluids especially water.

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