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Identify some types of links that are usually used in SEO

Using SEO means you also have to know what things can make SEO that you use runs well. Therefore, please note that SEO cannot walk alone. So, to get good SEO, you should also be able to choose good provider services, such as FLORENCE SEO and Web Design EXPERTS. With the services of a good SEO provider, you will be able to get quality SEO.

In an SEO that you use, you also have to know that there are some links that can work very well. This will make traffic to your website increase. Some types of links are usually tailored to the type of SEO used. Some of the types of links you should know are

– Permalink
Some people think that permalinks can be filled in even with text that is not related to the content. This opinion is not entirely wrong, just fine. But if you talk SEO optimize the permalink is not less important by creating good content.
Permalink should be text if it can be a keyword or a combination. Not numbers, codes or just dates.

– External links
External links or links to other sites are not less important, especially to referral sites that already have a good reputation such as Wikipedia. By providing good external referral links, it is indirectly your blog is seen to contribute to the dissemination of valid information.

– Internal link
No less important but often underestimated is the internal links or links the content of the site itself. Since the Google Panda update, internal links become vital. However, a good internal link should really represent the selected anchor text. Do not provide internal referrals of links in unrelated anchor text.

SEO techniques on the glance do seem simple, but the impact on your SEO ranking is huge. then, you should be able to place the various links in the type of SEO you use. This will enable you to increase traffic to the website.

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