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Increase Your Body’s Testosterone Hormone With These Three Activities

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / May 12, 2018

For men, having the hormone testosterone is important because it can differentiate them from women. with this hormone, then men can do things that can not be done by women. Then, answering what does testosterone do, this article will answer it. The hormone testosterone in men associated with the function of form energy, fertility to the formation of autobiography. This hormone also plays a role to support the health of the body, especially avoid obesity and various other health problems, such as diabetes, cholesterol, and heart.


It will be important for you to live your lifestyle to help increase testosterone levels in your body. Some activities you can do to increase the hormone are

– Consistent physical exercise
You can perform various activities that focus on adrenaline, such as weight training with the aim of putting pressure on the muscles of the body and helping the heart’s performance will help you begin to produce more hormones. This is because there is a relationship between adrenalin and the hormone testosterone in the formation of body cells. In general, the body will need testosterone to form the muscle mass denser. Thus, the body will produce the hormone after exercise.

– Fix the bed
Testosterone will depend on the body’s metabolic system. So, for those who have less sleep than usual will experience disruption to the metabolism. It very important to function to meet the needs of your rest breaks. This is done to maintain the metabolism system in the body to remain active and can generate energy to support the performance of the hormone.

– Bask in the sun
Vitamin D is very important to trigger an increase in the amount of testosterone hormone in the body, as a result of research, those who consume vitamin D regularly can increase the levels of the hormone. the natural way to get vitamin D is to bask in the morning sun and consume a variety of nuts and vegetables. You can indulge in the morning or evening to get good sunlight for your body.

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