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Know the Differences between Tobacco Cigarettes and Electric Cigarettes

By Viola J Wolfson / March 10, 2018

Now, cigarettes have several types, namely tobacco cigarettes, and electric cigarettes or commonly referred to as vape. Vape started booming in recent time. Many people are starting to leave tobacco cigarettes and switch to vape. However, for those who still use tobacco cigarettes, then they will desperately need cigar lighters. Not infrequently, they are always looking for the right cigar lighters for them. To find it, they usually read cigar lighters reviews. That way, they will find the best that can make them feel comfortable while smoking.

But actually, does between tobacco cigarettes and vape have differences? The answer is yes. An electric cigarette or vape has three very important key elements, namely metal, batteries, and fluid-filled cartridges. This metal heater is known as a vape. While tobacco cigarettes have many other substances are present in the smoke which includes monoxide, oxidant gas, benzene, and other substances that arise when burned.

Another difference is that when used, vape will be used and will exit the steam when the liquid is in it heated, while my cigarette can be used when turned on by using cigar lighters. However, they have the same harmful content when smoke or vapors are inhaled by the body. Although many also believe that vape more secure because there is no harmful content in the steam. However, keep in mind that the use of vape must also be careful because it is easy to explode.

Although there is no serious impact on vape use, you also need to be careful because no doctor recommends smoking for every patient they handle. Any type of cigarette you choose, you need to use it as needed and not excessive because it will not be good for the body. You also need to know how strong your body is in getting the various substances that enter from the cigarette you consume. Thus, you can find out how many cigarettes you should consume each day.

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