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Know these before you massage your baby

By Viola J Wolfson / May 31, 2018

The birth of the baby is eagerly anticipated by every couple. The period when a baby is a time when a child needs a lot of attention and special care. One of them is by massaging the baby. Massaging babies can make babies feel comfortable and make baby growth and development better. However, massage the baby cannot be done carelessly. There are ways to massage the baby is recommended and can have a positive impact on baby growth. Then, when you’re choosing the oil, the 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils are recommended.

Choosing the Right Baby Oil

Choosing baby oil is one thing to be prepared before the mother has the initiative to massage the baby. In some cases, there are babies who have allergies to certain oils. This is due to the baby’s skin is still thin and sensitive.

Some types of safe oils used on baby’s skin are baby oil, baby lotion, mustard oil, and olive oil. Generally, baby oil products sold in the market are tested and suitable for infants. However, if irritation or reddening of the baby after use of oil immediately replace the baby oil with other types.

Make sure also the mother provides a comfortable mat for the baby when the massage process. Examples of pads that can be used are soft cloth, towels, or special pillows that make the baby comfortable when massaged.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Knowing the benefits to be gained from the massage performed on the baby can make the mother’s enthusiasm to massage the baby increases. Here are some benefits to being gained by the baby if massaged regularly.

Accelerate baby growth
Gain weight
Overcome the problem of baby’s digestion
Rarely cry
Improve the baby’s blood circulation
Makes the baby feel relaxed, including making the masseur feel comfortable
Improve the physical, mental, and social development of the baby
Infant massage can cure some illnesses when the baby is born, for example, is jaundice
Makes the baby fall asleep
Reduce or even eliminate the pain that the baby will feel on the teeth when baby’s teeth begin to grow

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